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Dear stalker,

I find it very sad that even as an adult you think it’s okay to bully someone. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I’m not under any false illusion that everyone is going to like me but you have no right to harass me as you’ve done over the past year.

You’ve set up numerous false accounts, at least 1 in my name where you slate and destroy my character. After blocking you, you still take the time to read my timeline and tweet me daily. You go as far as tweet my followers and anyone I tweet desperately trying to gain my attention. And when all else fails, you send in your lapdogs to do your dirty work. Some have even picked/perved on my child, which is totally unacceptable.

I’ve tried to ignore you but after 1…

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Why I am writing.

I am starting this blog really as a point of reference to collect my thoughts. whether it be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis which all depends on how well I am.

Since mid 2011 I really went downhill and was diagnosed with anxiety and mild to severe depression. I have my good days and my very bad days so there we are. I don’t go out much due due to my anxiety and have developed social anxiety due to this.

When I look back on how I used to be before this and thinking about it, it is so soul destroying and very debilitating. that’s all for now.

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